Almaz Agro SA was introduced to Africa in 2014, we are the sole distributers of the ALMAZ brand Grain Cleaning equipment, which has been in the EU Market since 2001 . Over the last few years Almaz Agro SA has grown to be one of the trusted brands used by hundreds farmers and Grain handling facilities around South Africa and into Africa!

The ALMAZ MC Range of machines offer the a simple and extremely efficient method of cleaning and grading ALL types of grain for commercial sale and for creating a great seed product, assisting in increasing yields by providing seed that will not only germinate simultaneously but will also have the energy to reach maturity uniformly!

The ALMAZ MC Range has six models of various capacities starting at 2t/hr and reaching up to 100t/hr. These machines are very low on maintenance as they do not utilise sieves for the cleaning of the grain, only a jet air stream and gravity along with aerodynamic principles. This means productivity is optimal with basically no down time.

In 2017 Almaz Agro SA introduced a range of highly efficient and extremely affordable full Colour CCD Optic Colour Sorters. These have been received favourably by all who have purchased as these machines have helped achieve much higher profit margins. The Colour Sorters start from a small single chute machine with around 2t/hr sorting capacity and range up to the 12 chute machine with the ability to sort approximately 24t/hr (this is within the premise of the pre-cleaned product being no more than 3% contaminated and based on wheat)

Almaz Agro SA strives to bring Great Service, High End, Low Maintenance, Affordable Grain Handling Equipment for all in the Grain Handling game.