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KXA6 X-Ray Colour Sorter

The AMD KXA6 X-Ray Machine is an advanced technology that comes with deep learning colour sorting capabilities. It can effectively identify and sort various materials based on their colour and Nut-in-Shell internal and external issues, such as rotten, shrivelled, empty, malformed, off colour and insect damage. Making it a perfect solution for industries that would require advanced X-ray equipment. This machine can help streamline operations and enhance productivity in sectors such as food, grain, legume and nut export industries.

KXA6 X-Ray Colour Sorter

Performance t/h 2-3
Carryover Ratio >5-1
Accuracy (100%) >96-98%(Impurity rate <15%)
Belt Width 600mm
Power (kW)220/50 3.5
Detecting Solution X-Ray+Deep Learning CCD Cameras
Optical Resolution 5400 pixels
Width of nozzles 4 mm
Air pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption <3000
Length 3803 mm
Width 1600 mm
Height 2316 mm
Weight 900 kg


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