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Pre-Cleaner up to 10t/hr

Introducing the Skulper, a powerful agricultural skulping machine capable of processing up to 10 tons of material per hour. This machine is designed to efficiently remove impurities and foreign materials from various crops, grains, and seeds, ensuring quality output. The mesh sieve is easily interchangeable for your required size, the Skulper is able to handle a wide range of agricultural products, making it an essential tool for farms, grain processing facilities, and agricultural cooperatives. Its user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements make it a practical and reliable solution for optimizing the cleaning and grading process. Invest in the Skulper to streamline your agricultural operations and achieve the highest standards of purity and quality for your products.

Pre-Cleaner up to 10t/hr

Grain processing productivity <10tons/hour
Energy consumption   1.5 kW/hour
Length 1010 mm
Width 470 mm
Height 500 mm
Weight 110 kg

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