The MC range is designed to clean and grade grain (all types of grain) by its relative density by use of a jet air stream and gravity, this sieves-less design means that there is no need to change grids for every different grain type needed to be cleaned this is achieved by a simple change in the air-speed, this along with the fact that there are no big major moving parts makes the machine extremely low on any maintenance. Six variations of the ALMAZ™  cleaner are available starting with the MC-4/2 (4t/hr commercial, 2t/hr seed cleaning) up to the largest machine MC-100/70 (100t/hr commercial, 70t/hr seed cleaning). The simplicity operating the machine and low maintenance is a major positive as too is the fact that utilising this machine for seed cleaning has the ability to assist in increasing yield up to 30% as only the best most protein rich seed is selected.


The RC range of colour sorters sort grain to highest purification levels, removing all impurities and giving you shelf quality food. These remarkable machines are low on power and maintenance starting with the RC-1 with the ability to sort up to 1.5t/hr up to the RC-12 running up to 20t/hr. Super HD quality Toshiba brand cameras allows the machine to run at high speed and still manage to remove subtle colour differences. With the new intelligent magnetic control high-frequency ejector technology gives the machine the ability to process product fast and extremely efficiently. This ejector technology boasts an impressive eleven billion ejection lifespan. These machines allow farmers and processing plants to achieve the perfect quality required.