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The MC range is designed to clean and grade grain (all types of grain) by its relative density by use of a jet air stream and gravity, this sieves-less design means that there is no need to change grids for every different grain type needed to be cleaned, this is achieved by a simple change in the air-speed, this along with the fact that there are no big major moving parts, makes the machine extremely low on any maintenance. Six variations of the ALMAZ™  cleaner are available starting with the MC-4/2 (4t/hr commercial, 2t/hr seed cleaning) up to the largest machine MC-100/70 (100t/hr commercial, 70t/hr seed cleaning). The simplicity operating the machine and low maintenance is a major positive, as too is the fact that utilising this machine for seed cleaning has the ability to assist in increasing yield up to 30% as only the best most protein rich seed is selected.

Our impressive and vast range of ISM (Impeller Separating Machines) units operate on a very similar principle to the MC Range, also using air and gravity along with aerodynamic properties of the raw product being cleaned. where the MC range utilises a centrifugal drum fan system to create the jet air stream, the ISM uses an impeller fan system, which serves the required purpose. Minimal maintenance and very low on energy consumption makes these units a very popular choice. The ISM units come in many different capacity models ranging from 5t/hr all the way up to 200t/hr to suit all specific requirements.

The ISM-CSC units have a cyclone system attached to the exhaust air flow to help alleviate dust issues and control the chaff etc of what would normally be blown out of the exhaust, allowing for cleaner operating areas. While this is not a total dust solution it certainly assists if a dust issue is something needed to be addressed.

Introducing the Skulper, with two models in the range, one put 10t/hr and the larger up to 50t/hr. This machine is designed to efficiently remove litte, chaff, impurities and foreign materials from various crops, grains, and seeds, ensuring quality output. The mesh sieve is easily interchangeable for your required size, the Skulper is able to handle a wide range of agricultural products, making it an essential tool for farms, grain processing facilities, and agricultural cooperatives. Its user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements make it a practical and reliable solution for optimizing the cleaning and grading process. Invest in the Skulper to streamline your agricultural operations and achieve high standards of purity and quality for your products.